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...::: Jenna Presley :::...

Jenna PresleyStatistics:
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Green, Bust: 32B, Waist:22, Hips: 32,
Height: 5' 1 ", Weight: 92 lbs

Fans of XXX movies will definitely recognize Jenna Presley, who’s appeared in more than 125 of them. “I love being an adult actress better than my last job as an exotic dancer,” Jenna says. “But being in porn is a hotter gig, and it’s more profitable.” Apparently, having sex on film was a no-brainer for the lifelong Californian. “I was kind of promiscuous in college,” the 20-year-old admits, “and this guy I was with told me he thought I fucked like a porn star. That got me thinking.” And now the green-eyed goddess has us wondering about her off-camera romps. “I like a guy who knows what to do and who loves sex,” Jenna confides. “He has to be totally into oral, both giving and receiving. He also has to be able to try new things and share. I like girls too. When I’m lucky enough to have a threesome in private, I’m in heaven. It’s like a sex buffet where I get to try a little bit of everything!” Keeping up her heavenly appearance also takes a lot of hard work. “I work out every day that I’m not on a set or in a photo studio,” Jenna tells us. “I run, swim, lift weights and sweat my ass off. It’s important to me to stay in shape.” How does Jenna assess her porn career? “I’ve been very lucky because I’ve been able to work steady for the past two years. I hope to keep at it until guys get tired of looking at me naked, and then maybe I’ll get into directing. Or just get married, have kids, change my name and disappear into a suburban lifestyle—but not for a long time to come!”
Jenna PresleyJenna PresleyJenna PresleyJenna Presley
Jenna PresleyJenna PresleyJenna PresleyJenna Presley

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